Zero Waste Program at Ohio Stadium: Tackling Sustainability

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Let’s talk about Zero Waste! Ohio State Buckeyes fans know that cheering for their beloved team at Ohio Stadium is an experience like no other. What many may not be aware of is the university’s commitment to sustainability through its new Program. In this blog post, we will dive into the Ohio State Buckeyes and The Ohio State University‘s efforts to reduce waste and leave a green footprint in the world of college sports.

Ohio State Buckeyes and The Ohio State University – A Legacy of Excellence

The Ohio State Buckeyes, representing The Ohio State University, are more than just a football team; they are a symbol of pride and tradition. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, it’s only fitting that they extend this commitment to sustainability.

Ohio Stadium: The Heart of the Buckeye Nation

As one of the most iconic college football venues in the country, Ohio Stadium, also known as “The Horseshoe,” draws thousands of passionate fans every game day. With great power comes great responsibility, and Ohio State understands this better than most.

Ohio Stadium’s Zero Waste Program

In recent years, Ohio Stadium has implemented a groundbreaking Program that aims to reduce trash and promote sustainability. Furthermore, This initiative aligns perfectly with the values of The Ohio State University and its dedication to making a positive impact on the environment.

How Does it Work? The Program at Ohio Stadium focuses on reducing, reusing, and recycling materials to divert waste from landfills and dumpsters. This is achieved through various methods:

  1. Recycling Stations: Ohio Stadium is equipped with strategically placed recycling stations, making it easy for fans to dispose of recyclables such as cans, bottles, and paper products in large dumpsters.
  2. Composting: Organic waste, like food scraps and compostable materials, is collected and composted. This reduces the stadium’s carbon footprint and enriches the soil.
  3. Education and Outreach: The Ohio State University actively educates fans about the importance of recycling and composting through signage, social media campaigns, and in-game announcements.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Since the launch of Ohio Stadium’s Zero Waste Program, the results have been impressive. The amount of waste sent to landfills has significantly decreased. Equally important, recycling and composting rates have soared. These achievements are a testament to The Ohio State University’s commitment to sustainability.

Join the Green Revolution

As fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes, you can be a part of this incredible journey towards sustainability. Here are some ways you can contribute:

  1. Use designated recycling and composting bins within the stadium.
  2. Support the university’s sustainability initiatives by staying informed and spreading the word about Zero Waste.
  3. Reduce your personal waste footprint by practicing eco-friendly habits at home and during game days. Easily rent a dumpster from Builders Trash.


The Ohio State Buckeyes and The Ohio State University are not only champions on the football field but also champions of sustainability. Ohio Stadium’s Program sets an example for sports venues nationwide, proving that with dedication and teamwork, we can achieve sustainability touchdowns both on and off the field.

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